Thursday, 27 December 2012

Birth of the blog: Prof. Neelamegham's message

At NIILM CMS, we focus on values that shape the future leadership of business. We offer an educational program which is of the highest standards, demanding a great degree of application, dedication, hard work and strength of purpose from our students, which will help them in meeting the expectations of the corporate world. Students’ capabilities are built on the platforms of great communication skills, team work, interpersonal skills, and other life management skills, with stress on the fact that through concerted action and collaborative efforts with others, great milestones can be achieved.

I am sure you are aware of the emerging opportunities as well as challenges that nations and companies face in the context of changing global business landscape. Increasing competition, rapid pace of technological developments and changing marketing dynamics are the forces which are currently reshaping the Global Business Environment. To operate successfully in this complex environment, businesses in all sectors have to innovate and become globally adept. They can do so only if they have managers who are flexible and competent, and who possess an incisive strategic perspective to manage profound corporate change processes which have become so ubiquitous.

To stay absolutely current, NIILM CMS has decided to venture into the blogosphere by creating and sharing contents about the institute, management domains, and other topics of interest to our audiences including our alumni, current students, companies, prospective students, and our faculty and staff. Members can actively contribute and participate in discussions in this space. I invite you to visit the blog and explore the possibilities that it unveils for you. 


  1. Great Initiative Meenakshi Ma'am :) Good to see CMS' presence on social media and blogs

  2. REally sir Its' Good that you are provide sach a best way to gain knowledge about this.

    We Support & Respect you

  3. Good to see CMS' presence on social media and blogs

  4. its a very informative blog thanks for sharing :)