Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My 17th Year at NIILM-CMS

Prof. Jitender Sharma
(Professor, NIILM CMS)

writes ...

As I am about to complete seventeen years with this great institute, I am really excited to share my personal experiences at NIILM-CMS, and give you a brief glimpse into its legacy.

Founding fathers of NIILM CMS

NIILM-CMS (Northern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management at the time of inception), established in 1996, is the dream child of great personalities like Dr. Abid Hussain, Mr. P. N. Kaul, and Mr. A.N. Haksar. The dreams and vision of these eminent personalities still inspire and guide us, though they are no more in this materialistic world.  

I am fortunate enough to have worked for all the directors of this institute, who helped shape NIILM-CMS to reach new heights. That NIILM-CMS is ranked among the best management institutes in the country is proof of the inspired leadership provided by three great directors -  Dr. S. Mahalingam, Prof. Umashankar Venkatesh, and most important among all, Prof. S. Neelamegham, currently President – NIILM-CMS.

Prof. S. Mahalingam, Prof. Umashankar Venkatesh and Prof. S. Neelamegham

Prof. S. Neelamegham has worked assiduously for more than a decade to take NIILM-CMS to the forefront of management education. The institute prides itself in developing leaders with values, vision and versatility. NIILM-CMS is known for its highly qualified, research-oriented faculty and linkages with some of the finest universities and academics both in India and abroad.

As I reminisce, I realize how NIILM-CMS has grown from a small team of people to such a highly qualified and dedicated team of employees - faculty and supporting staff. Many of my ex-colleagues occupy excellent positions in different institutions, but they still remember NIILM-CMS whenever they are in need of right advice or guidance. Such is the work culture of NIILM-CMS and bonding among people that even after leaving NIILM-CMS for compelling personal reasons, people don’t perceive it as the ‘other’ institution. We always welcome our ex-employees with an open-heart, and extend all possible help.

The governing body of NIILM-CMS consists of the best brains both from academics and industry, including Prof.  Jahar Saha, former Director – IIM Ahmedabad, Prof. K.L. Krishna, Former Director – Delhi School of Economics, Prof. K. Subramanian, Professor and Director – IGNOU, Dr. B.S. Baswan, Former Director - IIPA , Dr. N. Ravichandran, Director – IIM Indore, Mr. Aquil Busrai, Former Director – IBM India.

The governing body of NIILM CMS

When I joined NIILM-CMS in May 1996, the institute was in its infant state and comprised a four-room office at MCIE, New Delhi. At that time, the roadmap for its future expansion was planned keeping pace with the changing economic scenario and requirement of fully qualified skilled managers in the country. Today, the institute has a 2.5 acres campus at Greater Noida with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities. Its classrooms, conference halls, lecture-theatres are equipped with the latest technology used among the best institutes in the country. The library has over 40000 printed books, more than 75000 e-books, over a dozen online and offline academic databases that provide the widest possible knowledge base available only in a few management institutes in the country. Similarly, the computer lab of NIILM-CMS is equipped with state-of-the-art computing facilities, and we have a wi-fi enabled campus. Each student is provided with latest configuration laptop for real time access of knowledge anytime anywhere.  Through an ERP system, the faculty and students can know about academic and professional progress made by the students on regular basis.

The institute has held fourteen convocations, and I have attended each one of them. The memories of the graduating students, and each convocation is very nostalgic. The convocation addresses at NIILM CMS have been delivered by stalwarts such as Hon. Dr. Manmohan Singh, Dr. C. Rangarajan, Hon. Minister, Shri Mani Shankar Aiyar, Hon.  Minister Shri Suresh P. Prabhu, Prof. K.B. Powar, Dr. Asis Dutta, Dr. Dharni P. Sinha, Dr. K. Venkatasubramanian, Dr.V.N. Rajasekharan PIllai, Prof. M.R. Rao, Prof. Mool Chand Sharma, Dr. T. N. Ninan, Prof. G. K. Chadha and Padma Shree Prof. N. R. Madhava Menon.

NIILM-CMS students have achieved distinctions not only in studies but in extra-curricular activities as well. I have seen the proud faces of students year after year carrying various trophies and medals won by them all over India in competitions held at institutions likes IIMs, IITs, BITS, AIMA and so on.

I have seen how NIILM-CMS students have extended their helping hand over the years for various social issues.  They have put in their best efforts for social causes like poverty alleviation, social uplift of Jhuggi clusters residents, traffic management, and disaster relief activities. They have always raised voice against any kind of discrimination in the society. I feel proud that in this age and time when values are being destroyed in the society, I am part of an institute that inculcates the true spirit of social responsibility among its students.

Many of our alumni hold distinguished positions in the industry. Several are entrepreneurs, and are running their businesses successfully in a highly competitive environment. Whenever I get a chance to be in touch with our alumni or when I come to know about their achievements, I feel proud that I too have contributed whatever little I could in shaping them into what they are today.

The work culture at NIILM-CMS is transparent and gives complete freedom to pursue one’s academic and professional interests. Students can choose their areas of interest from a wide range of subjects. 

Over these seventeen years I have developed such a bonding with the institution that I consider NIILM-CMS as my second home or to be more precise my first home rather.  Whatever I am today or whatever I achieved professionally over these years is all due to support and freedom to work I got from NIILM-CMS. May NIILM-CMS and everyone associated with it achieve greater glory in the years to come!


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